Boudoir Sessions
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February 3, 2020

New!: Boudoir Sessions


Noir Stories

Boudoir Sessions

After 5 long years we are happy to announce that Carrie will be doing boudoir sessions again!  She’s super excited to get back to her passion and  into her element, so she’s planned an unconventional twist on the boudoir sessions that you’ve all seen before.   With her background and degree in Fine Art, she’s gonna take it to the next level.  We call them “Noir Stories”.  They will be held at the same location as our portrait studio sessions, inside A Wedding loft located in downtown Leesburg.

What is a Noir Story?

This isn’t your typical boudoir session, its a story about you, your love or even your heartbreak.  An intimate and honest  story about you.  Whatever story YOU wish to tell.  Noir Stories aren’t just about looking sexy, it’s about expressing yourself however you want with no judgement, no shame, and no limits to your experience. These sessions will be unconventional, moody, artistic and very intimate.  Below is a few highlights from her recent Noir Story with the lovely Caroline.

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Introductory pricing through February 14th to April 1st

Package One $350

  • 60 minutes
  • One Outfit
  • Digital Negatives
  • Private Online Gallery Viewing

Package Two $400

  • 90 minutes
  • Two Outfits
  • Digital Negatives
  • $20 print credit
  • Private Online Gallery Viewing