Chinese, American Wedding at Belmont Country Club, Ashburn VA
forest Heart 

August 10, 2018

Niki & Joe: Belmont Country Club



Chinese-American Fusion Wedding at Belmont Country Club

Niki+ Joe’s Chinese American Fusion wedding at the Belmont Country Club in Ashburn VA was so much fun and one of the favorites we have had the pleasure to be a part of. You can really feel the happiness and love through every image.

Niki’s getting ready photos were simple and all about her and those fabulous shoes, look at all that embellishment! Her bridesmaids wore a deep red to compliment her shoes and the pops of red throughout the wedding.


Niki wore her mother’s veil, trimmed with beautiful lace. The room was all tears and smiles when her mom put the veil on her. Both of us may have also been teary-eyed behind the camera as well lol.

Here is a look at the ceremony. Keeping it simple, really helped to make the bride and groom stand out.

Seriously….. we could not stop smiling with these two! They were so fun and laid back Both of them giggled through their entire formal portraits, making us laugh along with them! Such Happiness 😀 Plus we found a hidden vine-covered wall, what can get any better than that?

The bridal party and family photographs were also full of laughter! Did we mention we love stairs? The stairs at The Belmont Country Club are perfect for beautiful group photographs.

Check out the groomsmen photo with sunglasses glasses, most of the time this can get cheesy, however, they really pulled it off like rock stars. It could totally be their CD cover lol!

Time for the reception! The Centerpieces of lucky bamboo and pops of red roses. The place cards were personalized with each person’s Chinese zodiac, which was a great personalized touch that Niki did for her guests.  Her father gave a very emotional speech, explaining the Chinese symbol of double happiness and marriage that were placed all over the wedding from the ceremony and even on the cake. He talked about what it meant to him and Niki’s mother and how he wishes double happiness to Niki + Joe.

Time to Party!! There were tons of dancing with family members in a huge circle around the bride and groom (and me (Allison) in the middle with them.  Our favorite DJ Kirkabee sure knows how to get a party started! For a silly favor Niki and Joe got temporary tattoos of their faces for the guests to enjoy and of course, they popped up throughout the photos.

All we have to say is that confetti send-offs are the best! Everyone was covered in gold…it sure was magical and the perfect end to a wonderful day!

Congratulations Niki + Joe! We wish you all the love and double happiness in your lives to come!