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April 13, 2020

NEW: Facetime Photo Sessions



FaceTime Photo Sessions

I know you are asking, “Why FaceTime Photo Sessions?”  As you all know, the government has instructed non-essentials like us to cease operations due to COVID-19.  This has caused the Wedding and Portrait Photographers around the world have not only taken a financial hit, but a creative one too.  So In order to feed our creativity and of course put a little food on the table for our families, we decided on doing FaceTime Sessions.  Doing this is a great way to bring joy and a fun activity for everyone!  At the same time we wanted to support something close to our hearts:  A Wedding Loft in Downtown Leesburg.  It’s our home away from home, where we hold all of our indoor studio sessions, meet with our wedding clients, host classes and collaborate with other amazing women in the creative industry.  That being said, we have added an optional “Tip” section to the invoices of the FaceTime sessions so our clients can optionally donate to help keep A Wedding Loft open until we all get back on our feet. 100% of all the tips will go directly to keeping our studios and conference rooms open.

The Details

Cost:  $50
45 minute session
15-25 finished and professionally edited images
Online gallery hosting for your downloads

How Does It Work?

You can have a session with us from anywhere around the world!!!  Shooting remotely while FaceTiming with a client through our phones or our Mac Computers. You will need the following items for your session:

  • iPhone running iOS 11 or later (we are currently testing a way for Android users to have a session so stay tuned!)
  • Either a Phone Tripod (we recommend this one or something similar) or a super cleaver way to position your phone at your eye level when standing or sitting.
  • A room with great window light or an outdoor setting (remember, you must comply with your state rules on social distancing and/or locations you are allowed to go outside).


STEP ONE:  We start with a quick 15 minute FaceTime consultation so you can show us your space and together we will find the best spots in your home or outdoors for your session.  Utilizing natural light is key, so we will want a spot in a room either close to a window, or an entire room that’s flooded with sunlight.  Then we go over your options on how to prop up your phone for the session.  We can even have a look at your outfits to help you decide what will look best!

STEP TWO:  Let’s do thissss!  The Session:  After we get your phone set up and positioned well for the shoot, then the creativity and fun can begin!  We will guide you through everything!

STEP THREE:  After the session your images will be professionally edited on our computers then uploaded to your own personal gallery where you can download them and post to your socials.  Your invoice will be due after your session is complete.  There you will be able to add your optional donation tip to support “A Wedding Loft” (our home away from home in Downtown Leesburg)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the quality of theses images like?  Let’s face it, it’s not the same as having a session with a real camera.  The quality isn’t the best, however, these look great on phone’s.  So using them for social media posts are the bomb.  We recommend printing no larger than a 4×6 photo.

Why are you charging to take photos of me from my phone?  It’s not just pressing a button, we will be guiding you through the entire process, plus posing you.  After the session we will also take the time to professionally edit the images.

I need photos of my products, not me, will that work?  YES!  It’s like having your own personal instructor in your phone. We can guide you where to place your products, how to utilize the light, how to hold and point your phone as to not distort your products etc.

What exactly is A Wedding Loft and why should I donate to it?  This is totally optional AWL (that’s what we like to call it) Is the most amazing place in the area for creatives and wedding industry professionals.  It’s a collaborative space where women business owners can join together and feel safe and supported while helping each other grow and learn in the industry.  You can learn everything about it HERE.