Food Photography | Christmas Cookies | Signature Sweets By Amanda

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December 24, 2018

Food Photography | Christmas Cookies | Signature Sweets By Amanda

Christmas Cookies Food Photography

To help get you in the Christmas cookie mood, I would like to share some of our Christmas cookie #foodporn we did for the lovely Amanda at Signature Sweets! She needed photos for her cookie tin sales and we gladly took on the task.  For each cookie I wanted them to tell a different story but all go together as well. This is achieved by colors and composition, by using the same color pallet it really ties it all together.

Also, do you know today is the day when eating as many Christmas cookies as you like is totally acceptable and the calories don’t count!? So make the most of it and don’t forget to save some for Santa!


Here are some fun little behind the scenes for you to see on how the magic happens! With my camera mounted to a tripod, it helps free up my hands to make styling a lot more fun. Letting creativity take over and the photos evolve with every new piece that’s added! That’s how the sale photograph came to be what it is.

And to create a floating cookie effect in both the sugar cookies and Linzer cookies, I placed a small cup underneath to bring them off of the background!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!