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February 26, 2020

Day in the life: Lifestyle Family Sesssions




Being together is all that matters

True moments are more powerful than forced posing.  Our lifestyle family sessions are a documentary “day-in-the-life”, to allow the moments to happen organically with very little direction, just an artful record of your life. These sessions are strictly unscripted. That means no matching outfits at sunset in a grassy field that you’ve never actually been too as a family before. Every family has a unique personality, and our mission is to bring out the unexpected, humorous and even chaotic moments that make your family like no other.


Lifestyle Family Session


Beauty in the chaos

For your session: your kids jumping on the bed, bath time, snack time, eating spaghetti for the first time, tickles and cuddles for momma and dad, backyard exploring, or even baking in the kitchen.

How Much is a Lifestyle Session?

Lifestyle sessions begin at $450.  For full details fill out the contact form to receive all of the pricing  information

Where will my Session Take Place?

Our family lifestyle sessions are documented either on location or within the comfort of your own home.


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