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carrie schluckbier

• Napping
• Listening to records while I cook dinner
• Wes Anderson Films
• First snow of the season
• The Great Lakes
• Tori Amos
• Foxes
• Anything in miniature size is amazing!
• Cluttering up my house with succulants

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this is me

I watch way too many movies, love taking naps and am fueled by Chinese food….seriously, If I don’t eat it at least twice per week I will die, its a big problem. I grew up surrounded by the beauty of the Great Lakes in Michigan, which I will always carry in my heart and call home. Now I live in the D.C. metro area with my husband, the love of my life and my two siamese kitty cat children (who I am freaking obsessed with). 

I knew photography would be my life  the day I shot an entire pack of Polaroid film of my stuffed animals when I was a little girl. I had 10 photos that looked like a hot mess, but I had never felt so alive. I’ve been documenting weddings and portraits for 12 years and this job still fills my heart everyday.

in a nutshell


wild at heart

I'm a look at the

Moon kind of

allison phelps

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the dreamer

• Cooking without recipes
• Tea and many bowls of miso soup, gotta have them!
• Makoto Shinkai Films + Yayoi Kusama Art
•  Believer in Aliens 
• Midnight Snacks 
•  Anime + Manga
• Owls
• Browsing at plant nurseries ( I spend way to much money there) 
• Playing overwatch video game
• My bullet journal... it keeps me moving forward


I have been a dreamer for as long as I can remember.  All the little thoughts dancing around in my head and me...trying to recreate them into some form of art. Photographs, paintings, mixed media and even recipes are some of the amazing things that I have created. Dreams are  where I get my best ideas!  I live in the Maryland, DC Metro area with my high school sweetheart in a geeky apartment filled with video games, books and art. I enjoy all things Japanese, so much so that I am learning to speak it...yup that's right I speak Japanese!

So why Photography? Well it all began with my grandfather.  He was a photographer too, and his stories were so wonderful, I could listen for hours. I feel he passed his love of photography down to me. Here I am, always with my camera in one hand, bullet journal in the other, creating moments and telling stories with my art.  What an awesome job!

Sophia osborne

• My Fur Baby Cockapoo
• Mexican Food (Authentic, not that fake stuff)
• Memes
• Binge Watching Netflix
• Video Gaming
• Listening to Alternative Music
• Walking in Nature
• My Online Shopping Addiction
• All Doggies!

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my 30 second

Born in New York City and raised in rural Minnesota, I gave up cold Midwestern winters upon moving to Northern Virginia in 2018. My years since were spent living in many different places, Drawing inspiration from the places I've lived, nature and the people surrounding me, helps me to show others the world from my own perspective, but also give them a chance for their stories to be told in their own way. Photography is the perfect balance of capturing something real but also being able to add my own style and artistic flair to it, and that's what drives me in this craft. When I'm not doing photography I spend time listening to music and cuddling with my cockapoo puppy. (He's the best cuddler in the world!) 

elevator pitch


The traveler

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