Rust Manor House | Maternity Session |

September 14, 2019

Maternity Session: Rust Manor House



Julia + Ben chose the beautiful Rust Manor House, tucked away in Loudoun County Virginia for their early morning maternity session. Waking up at 6:30 am for early morning golden hour sessions are so worth it! Early morning light is so soft, warm and romantic. Creating the perfect atmosphere to show the love they have for their little girl. We are so excited for Julia + Ben and can not wait to meet her!

Julia + Ben are lovers of Game of Thrones! They wanted to create their own version of forgetting a Starbucks cup on set. To create a silly image that is not in your face about it. Also to see if their families notice the photo-bombing cup. If your not looking for it, it can be easy to miss, so we are excited to hear if their loved ones caught on to the plan! 

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Want to learn more about the Beautiful Rust Manor house? Check out their website Here!