all downloads included

20-35 finished images

two outfits

60 minutes in the studio


Unconventional and moody, artistic, and intimate....This isn't your typical boudoir session

Standard Session




all downloads included

30-50 finished images

three outfits

80-90 minutes in the studio


Unleash your inner goddess and Indulge in the ultimate self-celebration with the deluxe boudoir session.

Deluxe session


In collaboration with the exceptionally skilled Beauty by Brigid, I offer professional makeup and light hair services to elevate your photography experience. Brigid's expertise lies in crafting "camera ready" studio portrait makeup, bringing out your unique beauty while seamlessly weaving an effortless yet elegant narrative into your story. Camera ready makeup brings an extra layer of artistry to your session, enhancing the visual storytelling and making every moment captured truly remarkable. From subtle enhancements to bold statements, Brigid is dedicated to ensuring that your individuality shines through, creating a visual narrative that is as distinctive as you are. 

Professional Makeup Service 

are you camera ready?

Let's kick things off with a discovery call

During this relaxed conversation, I dive into understanding your vision, desires, and the essence you want to capture in your boudoir photos. This is where together we'll craft a concept that resonates with your individuality. I'll also help you pick outfits that not only make you feel incredible but also harmonize seamlessly with the envisioned narrative.


How the process works

Making photo magic happen

Now, fast forward to the day of the session – the magic unfolds. As your boudoir photographer, I bring my A-game, utilizing professional styling techniques to enhance the visual allure. I'll guide you through every pose!  Esch click will be a stroke of artistry, capturing the raw elegance and confidence that defines you.


The Booking Proposal & Contract

Once our ideas are in sync, I'll whip up a tailored proposal outlining the details of our collaboration. Alongside, you'll receive a contract that spells out the terms, ensuring everything is crystal clear and both of us are comfortable moving forward. This step ensures a smooth and transparent process, setting the stage for the exciting shoot ahead.


Editing and Delivery of your photos

After the session, it's time for the final touch.  Post-session, the imagery undergoes a meticulous editing process, adding the final brushstrokes to perfection. Your curated collection is then presented in a private online gallery, providing you with an exclusive space to relish and share your intimate photos.