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August 8, 2019

Malcolm & Jason: Maryland Farm Wedding




Maryland Farm Wedding

Malcolm + Jason’s Wedding was held on their beautiful farm, tucked away in Jefferson Maryland. The front of their home was the ceremony with stunning views of their farm and the valleys around them. Hazy mountains were the backdrop as they said I do, leaving family, friends and us in tears. It was truly beautiful. Their love for each other, their friends, family, the farm and all the animals were represented throughout the wedding. Everything had special meaning to them, and it was perfect.

Malcolm + Jason decided to get ready together, having a quiet moment to themselves before they walked down the aisle. Then, Later on, joining their bridal parties at the barn. We just have to say, they killed it with what they wore, all the colors and textures really looked awesome together!

Malcolm + Jason’s wedding was one of those special days where you can feel the love from everyone. Leaving a smile on your face that just won’t go away. Weddings like these are the reasons why we love what we do. They remind us how special it is to be apart of a couple’s story, we are truly honored.

P.S. Also, Allison got to pet a chicken for the first time at this wedding, and it was the best day of her life haha…We love chickens <3

Want to know more about their farm and their mission to help the endangered Cleveland Bay Horses?! Check out their website HERE! 

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