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Social Media and Branding go hand in hand now a days so why not have the best photos for your Instagram and blog! These sessions will take place at your home, your business, or even your favorite food place that you love to hang out at. They are great for bloggers, cooks, bakers, and any kind of food enthusiast. The sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long and include photos of your already prepared meals (or the ones you want to eat on camera) and a few awesome selfies  too! 

Social Media and Branding
Food Photography Sessions

Social Media & Branding
Food Sessions

Lifestyle and Environmental sessions can take place at your home or your business, and are great for the professional chef or baker creating the food they are passionate about in action. These sessions include a free in person consultation so you and I can join forces and create an awesome plan for your food photography.  The session will be 2 hours long and you will receive all of the images of you creating your amazing food plus the finished and styled product shots.

lifestyle & environmental
food photography SESSIONS

lifestyle & environmental

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food photography

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For the love of food,

It’s the tangible feelings of love and passion placed on a plate - this is what I strive to capture. Whether you're a Chef, Baker, Farmer, Food blogger, Caterer or just a Non-Professional that is super passionate about food... I would love to document your passion. My approach to Food Photography is natural. I believe that food and ingredients should be shown in their natural form, not faked just for the camera. I want people to look at your dishes and imagine taking that first delicious bite! I can help you accomplish this look. I've had many years of food styling training and will be able to guide you in taking your dishes from plate ready to photo ready. The images you and I will create together will be exactly what you serve, sell or grow and nothing that you don’t. So let’s make everyone hungry shall we? 

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