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September 27, 2023

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Logo Design Concept – Dialogue Book Club

Logo Design Concept

The Logo Design Concept for Dialogue Book Club. With this design, my aim was to encapsulate the ambiance of a cozy, nostalgic bookstore while maintaining a sleek, minimalistic feel. The typography I’ve carefully selected infuses a touch of retro charm. It’s reminiscent of days spent discovering hidden literary treasures on dusty shelves. The fusion of […]

Branding Portraits

August 28, 2023

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Northern Virginia Branding Photography for Small Business

Branding Photography for small business

My Northern Virginia Branding Photography for small business session with E. L. Stevens. Meet the incredible E.L. Stevens, the mastermind behind the novel “Georgia.” This collaboration was all about capturing Her vibrant personality while embracing a minimalist approach that seamlessly complements her website. About the author E.L. Stevens is a true aficionado of the written […]

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