September 18, 2018

For Love…And Pancakes | Virginia Food Photographer



Food and Cooking is another passion of mine. You can almost always find me testing out new recipes and ideas and watching cooking shows because I love learning about food, culture and what makes chefs create the way they do.

One of my favorite shows is a Netflix series called Chef’s Table. Its a deep dive into the lives and minds of many different types of chefs. As you watch you can really feel the passion through the stories they tell. This is something I strive for when I photograph food. I want to tell the chef’s stories, your stories, and even mine.

Food is a lot like love, the best tasting dishes are made with love. Where you can taste what drives the passion of the person making it. The kind that makes your heart feel warm. Maybe its that first soup of fall that grandma makes, or a dish as soon as you taste it makes you feel nostalgic.

Among my favorite dishes to eat are pancakes that my future husband makes me on a whim. He’s always perfecting his recipe and technique, every time they get more delicious. For our anniversary he made me the most beautiful stack of pancakes, golden brown, fluffy and covered in syrup. Therefore, I knew I just had to photograph them and remember the moment.  Because of moments like this, I made a small food photography studio right in my kitchen!  I’m always ready for that picture-worthy dish. Eating them makes me feel special and loved every time.

Cooking and eating great food is how amazing memories are made. We capture all other types of happy times, but why not also how you share your love around your table? Whether your a chef or a home cook like me, let’s capture these moments together!  – Allison

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